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      Promoting Services & Generating Leads.

      John Daniel on

      Managing your day-to-day online E-Commerce dashboard is made simple with Renesent’s advanced software. Our industry leading market strategies empower customers with efficient availability to your products. Great products can get lost on the internet, but with Renesent’s online reputation management, your online traffic will be routed to highlight your services and convert customers quickly and easily. Generating leads based on organic traffic draws in potential clients and customers to your website, producing sales with our dedicated merchant specialists.

      Work Smarter Not Harder

      When partnering with Renesent to sell wholesale products and services, we connect local businesses and communities with general suppliers and service providers. We are able to offer the lowest prices on leftover goods and unwanted leads from sellers. Merchants are able to find new clients and other businesses benefit from the low cost. Accessing new revenue streams to build your business is possible with our vast network of online connections and exposure.

      Automated Marketing Strategy & Tags
      When selling your products and services with Renesent, you will add meta-tags to display the keywords in your product or service that will guide people to find everything they need to transact. Posting your products and services with us gives them credibility and broadens your online buyer reception. Tags give customers the most opportunities to know your product is also what they need. Using the right tags will help eliminate unnecessary traffic and have a more accurate online dashboard. Renesent’s algorithm also uses those keywords in alignment with our online reputation to get the most eyes on your product, optimizing results to the top of the search engine.

      Route to Success
      The internet is the customer's route to your product. When a buyer searches for a product, only reliable sources are trusted. We have an online platform that is used by thousands of trusted businesses in every field. Our immaculate reputation and how we use the internet to engage and present products to relevant audiences is what is needed to generate the most leads that will turn into genuine buyers. We are experts in exposure and our team works day and night to deliver only the best of service to all of our clients.

      Organic Traffic
      Generating leads based on the concept of organic traffic is what draws in genuine potential clients to your micro-site. Paid ads are something that pop up in your face and are not always completely relevant with what you’re searching. Organic traffic can search for your product and take the time to look for the service they need, making the visitors extremely relevant. The customer wants what you’re selling because your meta tags are up to date and with our online reputation management, they were able to quickly find your website. Once to your custom micro-site, it’s important for your organic traffic to be happy they chose your product, and they have confidence from your website that the transactions will go smoothly.

      The Automated Dashboard
      With Renesent's automated dashboard software, you can monitor and track traffic to your website, online reputation, generate more 5 star reviews,and other additional features to maximize your online presence. When tracking your online reputation, you see promoters of your brand and receive notifications of possible detractors immediately. Your business growth is shown in real time. The dashboard enables you to collectively see how your ratings are going across all consumer sites and highlights your strengths and weaknesses. Making your known weaknesses your largest focus will only do good for your business with Renesent’s automated negative content removal. We want to give you the tools to manage your online micro-site and make it something that always benefits your business, even while you’re away. Traffic to your website is monitored 24/7 and real-time results are always displayed, showing you how your business is working to generate clicks and traffic that turn into sales. To generate more 5-star reviews, Renesent investigates inconsistencies in accounts that make your rating lower; in turn accounts are immediately removed on the top reputation sites leading to a higher rating with less overall lower ratings. To receive the best results, advertise your products on the website with original photos so customers will be more inclined to order from you through your website.

      Personal E-Commerce
      Renesent’s own e-commerce website allows businesses access to a platform that will engage a larger audience. Some businesses do not want to solely advertise through us, they also want Renesent to manage all of their online sales. We can transform and automate whichever departments you desire to maximize the productivity of your business. Renesent’s combination of experienced industry specialists and advanced technology optimizes your sales, attracts relevant clients, increases business development, operations, and customer support. Using any of our solutions will give you the upper hand, being able to know the ins and outs without wasting manpower or time. Our goal is to partner in the growth and revamp of businesses and to do it excellently.