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      Trade, sell and offer your products and services globally with your own custom online store including 100% secured trade assurance for only 15 percent cut on every transaction in your store,
      FEATURES - $300 FEATURES - $3000
      • Get discovered ● Get discovered by local and global customers
      • Offer services globally Showcase your business services and products to thousands of companies worldwide
      • Trade in multiple industries Connect with buyers, sellers, service providers anywhere
      • Partner w/ vetted business Establish strategic partnerships with like minded entrepreneurs and enterprises
      • Automated Keyword SEO Reach an audience with our automated search engine optimization portal
      • Boost your marketing Post unlimited products, services, keywords to engage with your online users
      • Customize your online store Design your store on your terms to attract buyers, and leads
      • Accept secured payment Transact online for a small fee per trade. All trade is assured by renesent
      • Respond Enquiries Interact with online users, schedule leads, and handle your support through a single dashboard
      • Data & reporting Track your sales, leads, traffic, and engagement under a single dashboard


      Complete monitoring of your business online presence with proactive tools to automate your marketing, reputation, and support under one single dashboard and increase your brand visibility.
      FEATURES - $400 FEATURES - $4000
      • Custom micro-site Connect social media, consumer sites, website, google analytics
      • Analyze data Online traffic, conversion, star rating, search engine ranking
      • Predictive growth tech Improve positioning, measure growth, track marketing and support team
      • Online presence Builder Citation and GMB (Google My Business) builder and management
      • One-touch response Control your online presence with Multi consumer-site management tool
      • Negative removal technology Negative removal technology
      • 5 star review generation 5 star review generation
      • 24/7 Consumer site monitoring 24/7 Consumer site monitoring
      • Citation and profile optimization Citation and profile optimization
      • GEO keywords tracking GEO keywords tracking
      • Instant lead capture Instant lead capture


      Advanced Artificial intelligent assistant that holds natural, human-like, back and forth email, text and chat conversations connecting all social-media, consumer sites, and websites.
      FEATURES - $500 FEATURES - $5000
      • Up to 1,000 interactions
      • Email Integration Email forwarders to ensure no prospect goes unanswered
      • Lead capture CRM ready Providing complete targeted contact data of the prospect
      • Lead routing Automatically forward to specific department or personnel
      • Calendar & alerts Syncing calendar to ensure tasks completed and followups done
      • Agent deal-flow From capture to close- growth tracking analytics
      • Unlimited sales pipeline Every business has a unique sales process. Customize how deals move through your pipeline by customizing pipeline stages to reflect your sales cycle
      • Product catalog Enhance visability and transperancy to prospects online with easy purchase system
      • Lead and deal scoring Filter prospects and clients from those who take time to close and those who need immidiate attention
      • Task Automation Set triggers to have Tasks automatically created and assigned to specific users
      • Rep performance reporting Analyze activity volume and compare outcomes across teams and individual reps
      • Personalized bulk emailing Send personalized bulk emails from Sell using custom templates to accelerate outreach and reach more prospects and customers
      • Unlimited email templates Our CMS tools allow you to automate your content and marketing strategies
      • Sales forecasting Get a clear understanding of predicted revenue and which opportunities are more likely to close
      • Goal tracking Set individual & team goals for to track revenue or deal volume attainment. See clearly how everyone is tracking toward quota and who’s falling behind


      Advanced artificial intelligent assistant that holds natural, human-like, back and forth email, text, and chat conversations connecting all social-media and consumer websites.
      FEATURES - $600 FEATURES - $6000
      • Up to 1,000 interactions
      • Top line response time A guarantee of a one-hour global first reply time to English-language inquiries for 95% of requests.
      • Custom engagement Based on goals, program implementation to speed adoption, optimize your support processes or transform your business with improved customer & agent experience.
      • Customizable text template Unlimited templates allow agents to quickly respond to common requests with a standard reply.
      • Social-media engagment Engage customers over public messages like Tweets or Facebook wall posts and easily convert them into tickets.
      • Embed support website Allow customers to search the knowledge base, send a message, or start a live chat.
      • Real-time site integration Your customers collaborate through agent-to-agent chat, and proactively engage with visitors on your website.
      • Online Engagement Popular consumer sites (Yelp, Google) social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat easily convert messages into tickets.
      • Language preference Localized admin interface, in German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, English, English (UK), Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.
      • Survey staging process Automatically offer your customers the ability to rate the support they received on a ticket and follow up to ask why.
      • Customer loyalty tracking Auto message surveys to track customer loyalty and gather customer feedback.
      • Satisfaction Predictor How likely customers are going to be satisfied. Powered by a machine learning model, your team can enter conversations with more context.
      • Real-time reporting Get a quick view summary of your key ticket metrics by channel, benchmark, and first reply; as well as your top articles, searches, and agents.
      • Agent benchmarking Compare yourself against your peers on key benchmark metrics like customer satisfaction, first response time, and ticket volume.
      • Enhanced data analytics Get visibility into ticket volume, customer satisfaction, and agent performance with KPI dashboards.
      Premium Add Ons
      Search Engine Leverage

      Conquer searches like, Google, Bing and Yahoo with our search engine leverager boost your site to the top of searches in weeks.

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      Premium Add Ons
      Sales Converter

      Use artificial intelligence to warm up your leads and have your team focus on closing deals.

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      Premium Add Ons
      Product & Service Posting/Setup

      Renesent will set up and customize your profile, products, and services on our marketplace so that you can generate leads.

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      Premium Add Ons
      GEO Tracking Lead Generation

      Renesent can supply your business with a steady stream of real-time leads from consumers who match your criteria.

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